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  • Donation to Youth Soccer players in Venezuela

Donation to Youth Soccer players in Venezuela


Giving to others is a pleasure for us at Athletics Miami FC. Starting in December 2023, during the holidays season, we will donate soccer equipment, unforms, balls, shoes, and other needs for kids to play the sport.


Our main beneficiary for now, and before we expand to other areas in the country, is a soccer community in Carupano-Venezuela called EL TIGRE FC.


The academy "EL TIGRE FC" (IG: @academiaeltigrefc_), provides training services to over 200 players in the ages 7 to 15 and competes locally, state wide, and nationally in competitive leagues such as Liga Formativa Carupano.


 In this area, and with the current economic conditions of the country is not easy to maintain a program as the resources are very limited and a big percentage of the players receive scholarships due to lack of income form their families. This activity keeps the participants busy playing a sport and learning life relationship interactions as well as giving them a second home and a safe environment every day of practices and games.


Our goal is to improve the quality of this program and many others in the country through the "Athletics Miami Sports Foundation" (established in 2023) so we can impulse the ability to play a sport for those in need, while bringing together human beings regardless of the gender, age, race, language, or ways of thinking. 


All contributions are welcomed (shoes, clothing, water bottles, balls, equipment, or other items). Please contact me directly for deliverying any NEW or USED in good shape items.

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